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We are extremely happy to report on our activities in 2018!

In 2018 the Institute of Innovative Governance launched and managed three international projects, conducted research and policy analysis in the area of social innovations, e-democracy, women empowerment and digital transformation. We were also engaged in consultancy work, held trainings on social innovations for private and public sectors and launched e-petitions.

Inclusive E-Democracy – a civic-tech web-checker which analyses web-platforms on accessibility. We managed to adapt the websites of City Councils in Ukraine and France. In 2019 we aim to introduce the legislation on web-accessibility in Ukraine;officially launch IIG certification of web-accessibility; engage in social entrepreneurship by adapting the web platforms in Ukraine and Estonia with the assistance of our partners from Google and Funka. More info:http://www.inclusivechecker.org/en

E-Women platform is an online platform where women express their ideas on cities’ improvement through e-petitions. A special feature of the E-Women platform on marking unsafe places in cities on maps will be available in 2019. We also expect to expand the project to 6 EaP countries next year. More info: http://e-women.tilda.ws/

EaP Innovations UpdateThe update informs on the recent developments in the six EaP countries in the area of innovations, digitalization, e-Government and e-commerce. In 2019 the project will expand to Western Balkans More info: https://www.instingov.org/category/research-en/eap-innovations-update/

EU Lobby Bot –  is an algorithm which helps citizens who have questions or proposals to Members of the EU Parliament to identify MEPs who are working on the issue of their interest. Apart from identifying the most suitable MEPs it searches for their contacts at different platforms and suggests them to users. The project is expected to be implemented in 2019 together with our partners from Nantes Creative Generations in Nantes, Porto and Bucharest.

We’ve been working hard on media coverage of our projects and programs. In 2018 we appeared 134 times in Ukrainian and international media, and we are certainly proud of it! More people know about IIG – more changes we can make together!

Here you can find some of the media publications :
– Львовский горсовет решил полностью отказаться от маршруток
– Міська рада Львова підтримала петицію про відмову від маршруток
– Інклюзивна е-демократія

 IIG is also extremely grateful to our partners from UNDP Ukraine, Swedish Institute, Austrian Presidency in the Council of the EU, Nantes Creative Generations, Funka, PGA, Promote Ukraine, Center for Innovations Development, Innovation for Change, European Future Forum, Digital Leadership Institute, CUPP, Bisturi, European Heroes,Nanteen Jeunes and others for the common work and support.

We are also happy to announce that in 2018 our team expanded to 15 people from Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, France and Italy. Don’t you forget that you can also join us in 2019? Read and apply here: https://www.instingov.org/the-institute-of-innovative-governance-is-looking-for-interns/

We are looking forward to a marvelous year 2019 overflowing with comfort and joy, laughter, good work and prosperity, togetherness, wonder, hope, health and happiness, and abiding friendships!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Institute of Innovative Governance

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization which aims to promote innovation through the interaction with various governmental and civil society actors and conduct high-quality policy research.


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