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Inclusive e-democracy for Germany and Ukraine


The rapid development of ICT and e-government tools in Ukraine and Germany in recent years has created new innovative ways for citizens to engage in a dialogue with government, develop neighborhoods and communities and provide transparency of state service at both central and local level. However, in the process of technical development of e-government tools little attention has been paid to people with visual and hearing disabilities or impairments. Majority of government websites, websites of Cities’ Councils and Regional Administration, e-participation tools and initiatives do not comply with WCAG 2.0 standards and are hard to use for people with disabilities both in Germany and Ukraine.

Project outputs

  • Research on challenges and needs of people with disabilities in Ukraine and Germany on using e-government based on finding of web-checker developed by IIG, interviews and focus groups to be held by Polis180 and IIG.
  • Recommendations on better involvement of people with disabilities in e-democracy in Ukraine and Germany
  • Advocacy campaign on e-government inclusivity in Ukraine and Germany at the local level (24 Ukrainian oblasts and 16 Bundesländer)
  • Public awarding ceremonies in Berlin and Kyiv where local governments which adapted their websites are awarded diplomas on e-government inclusivity.

Project outcomes

  • E-government tools, central and local government websites are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities in Ukraine and Germany.
  • People with disabilities are informed on advantages of e-government in Ukraine and Germany during interviews and focus groups with the biggest Associations and NGOs which support networks of people with disabilities in Ukraine and Germany.

Project impact

  • People with disabilities are actively involved in using e-democracy tools in Ukraine and Germany.
  • Increase of e-participation among people with disabilities in Ukraine and Germany.
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