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Gamification for Social Good: our Institute organised a social game for promoting inclusive e-democracy


On April 10, the Institute of Innovative Governance organised a social game ‘Allinclusive – What? When? Where?’ in Lviv, Ukraine, that aimed to educate the civil society and promote inclusive e-democracy.

With the rapid development of technologies, there are multiple ways of enhancing dialogue between the civil society and the different levels of government. However, people with visual and hearing impairments are often left aboard, as many of these ‘new’ instruments of communication are not adapted to their needs. Therefore, the Institute of Innovative Governance launched a series of social games which help to experience how it feels to be a person with disabilities and what challenges may occur while participating in various modern democratic practices.

Опубліковано Institute of Innovative Governance 13 квітня 2018 р.


The game consisted of three rounds. In the first round, people put the black masks on the eyes, and being ‘blind’, tried to answer difficult questions and work in teams. In the second and third rounds, they had to solve problems without hearing and speaking. The participants have fully enjoyed the process, gaining valuable insights about inclusive e-democracy.

This event has been held under the project ‘Inclusive e-democracy for Ukraine and Germany’, which implementation is possible via tight cooperation with the UNDP and Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. Also, this initiative is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark under the project ‘Civil society for strengthening democracy and human rights’.

Опубліковано Institute of Innovative Governance 13 квітня 2018 р.

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