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E-democracy in Smart Cities: IIG held meetings with the city councils of Ukraine to promote inclusive e-democracy


The Institute of Innovative Governance continues its cooperation with the City Councils. Today we have discussed the significance of ICT, e-democracy and e-participation with Technology Department of Lviv City Council.

The Head of the Department Iryna Kozak highlighted that “citizen participation is necessary for building democracy. E-democracy provides new opportunities for people to become more involved in all stages of the democratic process. The web-site of Lviv City Council is the only official source of information for the inhabitants of the city, therefore, it has to be user-friendly, offering a clear design, large fonts, adequate and balanced range of colours etc., especially for the elderly people and people with disabilities”.

E-engagement involves using ICTs for access to information, public consultation, or active participation. Information is a one-way relationship with local authorities producing information for use by the citizens, enabling them to participate further in the democratic process.

Besides, it was discussed how to encourage citizen participation, to deepen democratic interaction and to encourage transparent decision making.

Institute of Innovative Governance

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