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IIG organizes and facilitates trainings on social innovations and e-democracy as well as on women and girls in politics and STEM for public, private and non-governmental organizations.

The Institute organized social innovations trainings all over Europe and Asia in the recent 2 years. Apart from introducing participants to the technical skills and knowledge, we provide a course on IT project management, Scrum, Sprint and Waterfall during the training.

What makes our trainings unique is a great combination of our personal experience (five successful international projects in social innovations), unique IT and STEM skills as well as a great understanding of social issues around the world.

Apart from English, our trainers can hold trainings in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and German.

What are we offering during the training:

  • Skills and knowledge in in tech, social and data innovations
  • Design-thinking techniques (Starbursting, Idea Switch, Mind mapping)  to boost innovative thinking
  • New approaches to project management used in the IT sphere – Scrum and Sprints
  • Basic skills in Apps and AI Bots development. Every participant will develop their first App and Bot during the training!
  • Introduction and assistance with developing projects’ mockups and prototypes
  • Mentorship support after the training


1000 EUR for a one day training for 10 people. Get a 50% discount*

2000 EUR for a one day training for 20 people. Get a 50% discount!*

*offer available from February 15th until March 31st

We are flexible and able to accomodate to any of your needs and suggestions. If you are interested in holding a social innovation training for your organization, please contact Anna Melenchuk (Founder of the Institute) at anna.melenchuk@instingov.org