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About us

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent, non-partisan non-governmental organization which aims to promote innovation through the interaction with various governmental and civil society actors and conduct high-quality policy research.

Human rights-based approach and innovation are our guiding values and principles in the process of research and the implementation of projects. We truly believe that innovation is the driver of the progress and the key to the existing problems. Innovation gives us the possibility to find the most interesting and optimal solutions to the severest challenges of today’s interconnected world. We also think that an individual and the rights must be at the core of every decision, driven by innovation, to produce by far the most favourable outcomes to the society.

We highly value this connection between an individual, rights, and innovation, which is critical for achieving sustainable human development, enhancing democracy, protecting the interests of vulnerable groups of society, increasing transparency, and promoting respect for fundamental human rights. We are convinced that this approach is a powerful tool for solving contemporary puzzles and improving the lives of societies.  

Nurture innovation. Respect human rights. Shape the future.